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Common Work Related Injuries

Workers Compensation Lawyer, Inc., “Fighting for the Average Joe”® When Injured in Common Job Accidents

All too common, workers in certain occupations are exposed to serious injuries and fatalities. Workers in transportation and material moving and construction/extraction occupations and building and grounds maintenance experience more injuries than in any other jobs. As an employee, you work hard for an honest dollar. But the very nature of your occupation or because of your employer’s disregard for your safety, you have been seriously injured. If your injuries cause you to be unable to work and earn an income, you have a right to receive medical care and untaxed disability wages.

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According to Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety’s 2018 Workplace Safety Index, serious workplace injuries cost businesses more than $58 billion in 2018, a nearly 3 percent increase from last year.  Because of these losses to employers, they often strive to deny claims to reduce their insurance costs and liability. When you’ve been injured on the job, you have a right to file a workers’ compensation claim. Yet the process is complicated and deadlines for filing strict. If you don’t fill out forms properly and file paperwork on time, your benefits could be permanently denied. Though workers’ compensation insurance companies know an employee being injured through no fault of their own while conducting work tasks is not uncommon, they may deny legitimate claims hoping you’ll give up and not follow through on obtaining the benefits to which you’re legally entitled.

With all you’re facing, workers’ compensation attorney Brian W. Freeman, “fighting for the Average Joe®,“ understands what you’re going through. As a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, Inc. client, you will receive skilled representation along with the respect, understanding, and support you deserve.

Leading Causes of Common Workplace Injuries

▪Overexertion is the number-one cause of workplace injury. Accidents related to physical exertion, including lifting, pushing, pulling, holding, bending, crawling, reaching, and kneeling. Even lifting light loads such as books and boxes of paper or stacks of files can cause back, neck, and shoulder injuries.

▪Repetitive motions involving fine motor tasks, also called repetitive stress injuries causing damage temporary or permanent injuries to muscles, nerves, ligaments, and tendons.

▪Same level falls or same-surface falls including falls on ramps, level surfaces, ramps, and stairs.

▪Slip or trip without falls.

▪Falls from heights, a leading cause of fatal work accidents.

▪Strikes by or against objects or equipment caused by forcible contact or impact between an employee and an object or equipment that fall, swing, roll and fly.

▪Caught in/compressed by equipment such as gears and rollers causing crushing injuries.

▪Occupational motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of work-related deaths in the United States

Less common but still tragically debilitating injuries and fatalities are on-the-job electrocutions, violence by a person or animal attack, and exposure to toxic substances, explosions and fire. Transportation job accidents are the leading cause of California employee deaths. Data Source.

Wrongful Death in Workplace Accidents

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Health and Safety Association (OSHA) report, in a recent year there were 376 job related fatalities of California employees.
If a loved one died and you’re searching to hold those responsible accountable, you may be entitled to compensation through workers’ compensation’s wrongful death benefits.

How Do You Choose the Right Workers’ Compensation Attorney
When So Much is At Stake?

With so many workers’ compensation attorneys in California, how do you decide who is the one best for you? At Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, Inc., we not only have the resources and staff to give your unique case the attention it requires, but we are also genuinely concerned about our clients’ overall well-being – their job, income, family, and future. As an injured employee in Riverside, Corona, and the Inland Empire, you need an advocate who cares about your medical and economic health and will diligently battle on your behalf for your benefits.

Attorney Brian W. Freeman is Passionate About “Fighting for the Average Joe®

If you suffered an on-the-job injury, or a loved one died because of a workplace accident or toxic conditions, you have the right to pursue the workers’ compensation benefits to which you may be legally entitled. The legal team at Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, Inc. passionately and vigorously fight for the rights of injured workers throughout Riverside, San Bernardino, and the Inland Empire.

As a passionate fighter for the rights of the injured employee-the “Average Joe”-, attorney Brian W. Freeman and his legal team will respectfully guide you through the process of filing your workers’ compensation claim and pursuing the medical care, rehabilitation treatment, vocational rehabilitation (if warranted), your job back (in certain cases), and monetary benefits you’ve earned. As “right fighters,” we’ll investigate your claim, establish fault, and demand your employer and their insurance company follow the law and give you what’s rightfully yours.

Over the past decade, attorney Brian W. Freeman has won major monetary settlements for California’s people who have been seriously injured because of the recklessness or carelessness of another. As the founder of Workers’ Compensation Lawyers, Inc., attorney Freeman has fought diligently to secure employees’ temporary disability (2/3 of their usual wages, tax-free), medical treatment and care, and permanent disability benefits. A passionate protector of the rights of California workers, he is dedicated to “fighting for the rights of the average Joe.®”

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Attorney Brian Freeman Respectfully and Vigilantly Fights for Employee Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Riverside, Corona, and the Inland Empire

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To schedule a prompt appointment with attorney Freeman and his Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, Inc. team, call 844.4 AVG JOE (844.428.4563). During a free consultation in his Corona office (or if you’re too injured or sick, he’ll come to you), you’ll be treated with understanding, compassion, and respect as attorney Freeman listens to your story and explains how he can help.

Of course, any workers’ compensation attorney can make these claims. To gain confidence in a decision to hire Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, Inc.’s legal team, check out our former clients’ testimonials from yelp.com and avvo.com.

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