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Norco Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

When you are hurt on the job and file a claim, you face confusing forms, paperwork, filings, and strict statute of limitation deadlines. To secure the medical care and financial compensation you’re legally entitled to, you need an experienced attorney whose skills are finely honed and backed by comprehensive, up-to-date knowledge of workers’ compensation’s complex and convoluted rules.

Unfortunately, by the time many of our clients find us, they’ve already talked to a lawyer they saw on TV or the internet who doesn’t specialize only in workers’ compensation but instead practices a wide variety of legal areas. Because workers’ compensation is highly complex and exceedingly different from any other area of law, a diligent focus on its intricacies is imperative for successful pursuit of the benefits you’re entitled to. Too often and too late, when an injured employee signs up with a law firm, they discover that’s the only time they’ll ever see an attorney because their case is turned over to paralegals and legal assistants. And I’ve heard too many times that other workers’ compensation lawyers don’t respond to phone calls promptly or at all, perhaps because they’re overloaded handling diversified areas of law.

Not So At Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, Inc. – A Commitment to Unwavering Focus

Workers Compensation Lawyer, Inc. – Fighting for the Average Joe!

Norco, CA

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As a law firm dedicated solely to workers’ compensation law, hands-on and founding attorney Brian W. Freeman is uniquely qualified to vigorously pursue the medical care and financial compensation you lawfully and morally deserve. Workers’ compensation cases are all he handles, and he will always communicate consistently about the status of your case, respectfully and thoughtfully answering your phone calls and emails promptly.

As an attorney who genuinely cares about his injured clients, Brian W. Freeman is all about “Fighting for the average Joe®” in Norco and throughout Riverside County.

Attorney Freeman will treat your unique case as if it’s the only one he has and steadfastly focus on its facts, evidence and the circumstances surrounding it. To attorney Freeman, you’re not just another case. Whether you’re a husband, wife, father, mother or single individual, he is mindful that as an injured worker, your entire life may be turned upside down. As a working person, your income is critical to your economic survival, and we fully understand how important obtaining a successful workers’ compensation settlement is. Besides the physical pain, the emotional stress and trauma may have diminished or destroyed your quality of life. And you need immediate and ongoing help and reassurance until your case is solved and you receive the benefits to which you are entitled.

At Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, Inc. we’ll navigate, organize and manage the workers’ compensation bureaucratic claims process, interview witnesses, collect evidence, and, when necessary, hire expert accident reconstructionists and medical experts. Whatever it takes to build a strong, solid case, attorney Brian W. Freeman is committed to ensuring you receive your lawfully owed benefits.


Expert Help is Available Even if You’ve Begun the Claims Process or Your Benefits Were Denied

If you already filed a claim, but you’ve encountered how confusing and overwhelming the logistics are, we can step in, take over and relieve your stress so you can focus on healing. In the event you’ve already begun the claims process and your workers’ compensation benefits were denied, we’ll handle the complex process of filing an appeal.

Federal and California Laws Protect Injured Employees but You Have Only One Year to File A Claim

When you’ve been injured on the job because of dangerous, toxic, hazardous conditions, by law your employer is required to pay your medical care, temporary disability benefits, supplemental job displacement benefits, vocational rehabilitation, a return-to-work supplement, psychiatric or psychological care when needed, and 2/3 of your usual pay, tax-free.

A Wrongful Death Claim’s Strict Two-Year Deadline

Sadly, if you’re reading this page because a loved one was killed at work, you may be entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Though nothing can replace your loved one, the law allows a grieving relative to collect benefits for the loss of income the deceased may have earned if they had not died. Also, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for the loss of your loved one’s companionship and affection, expenses related to medical bills for the care of the deceased prior to death, and funeral and burial expenses.

When a dependent child was left behind because of the death, there is a maximum cap on death benefits, but exceptions may be made when the amount to be awarded expires prior to the child becoming an adult. How to file a wrongful death claim or lawsuit is described on the State of California website for Riverside County, but you may decide that the process is too complex and difficult to handle on your own.
Choosing a law firm to handle your workers’ compensation case is a serious decision because you deserve the medical care and money you’re legally entitled to. So, you should exercise due diligence when hiring a law firm for your injury claim. Even if other attorneys claim to have workers’ compensation expertise, if their staff must switch focus from workers’ compensation to other practice areas, this may divert their full attention from your case.

Highly Focused Attention and Advanced Workers’ Compensation Knowledge Can Make the Difference Between A Successful Claim or Denial for Injured Norco, CA Workers

Attorney Brian W. Freeman’s entire practice is strictly focused on helping injured employees receive the medical treatment and full financial compensation and benefits they are entitled to by law. As a California Bar Certified Specialist in Workers’ Compensation https://www.calbar.ca.gov/Attorneys/Legal-Specialization , he is required to maintain a higher degree of continuing workers’ compensation training and education than most other lawyers who don’t hold this special certification. What this means for you is an attorney who has an advanced understanding of workers’ compensation’s laws and rules.
With offices in Corona, Riverside and Temecula, Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, Inc. serves Riverside County from the southern region of Temecula, to the northern region of downtown Riverside, to the eastern region of the Palm Springs desert.

No Up-Front-Cost Guarantee, No Exorbitant Fees

Because injured workers are already worried about their finances, many try to file a claim and handle the paperwork alone to cut costs and/or speed up the process. They’re worried an attorney is going to be too expensive or that hiring one will slow things down. But when you go it alone, the challenge becomes the tangled system of red tape, complex procedures, and the inflexible deadlines you’ll face. If you fill out the paperwork incorrectly and/or don’t file properly or on time, you will likely be forced to go through a lengthy appeals process. Such issues could significantly delay compensation or lead to your claim being denied altogether. In the long run, not hiring an attorney may cost you dearly.

When Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, Inc. takes your case, you’ll never ever pay a cent up-front. We’ll cover all the costs no matter what, and only after we acquire your monetary settlement will we be paid a reasonable, pre-agreed fee. In other words, no money comes out of your pocket, and we don’t get paid until you get paid.

With all that’s at stake, you can’t afford not to have the top Norco, CA workers’ compensation attorney handle the confusing and complex claims process and meet mandatory statute of limitation deadlines.

Attorney Brian Freeman is a California Bar Certified Specialist in Workers’ Compensation Law Serving Norco, CA

attorney Brian Freeman

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For answers to your serious questions about protecting your financial and medical rights as an injured employee, contact attorney Brian W. Freeman, a vigilant California injured employee advocate who is dedicated to “Fighting for the average Joe®.” During the no-obligation meeting, he’ll listen attentively to what happened and discuss a preliminary strategy for handling your case.

When you call Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, Inc. at 844.4 AVG JOE (844.428.4563), we’ll schedule a free, personal appointment with attorney Brian W. Freeman so he can clarify your legal rights and analyze your case. Or if you’re too injured or ill to visit him at his office, he’ll come to you. Check out our client testimonials.

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