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After you were injured at work, you may immediately realize that you need a Jurupa Valley workers’ compensation attorney to handle your work injury claim. As you started searching online, or you watched a TV ad, you probably noticed that many lawyers offer workers’ compensation representation. And you may have also noticed that most of them offer representation across a wide spectrum of law practice areas, not just workers’ compensation.

When a law firm handles several practice areas other than workers’ compensation, their focus may be diluted. So, your case may not get the full focus, attention and expertise it deserves. Or when a law firm is taking on clients for cases unrelated to workers’ compensation, they may not provide the in-depth knowledge, extensive experience and expertise necessary for an optimal claim win.

Because workers’ compensation law is highly complex and deadlines for claims and filings are strict, it’s critical that your case receive the attention and diligence it deserves so you can receive the money you’re legally entitled to.

There’s so much at stake when you’ve been injured at work and your worries are mounting along with your bills. You can’t afford not to have the best workers’ compensation Jurupa Valley attorney available to achieve the maximum financial compensation allowed by law.

Workers Compensation Lawyer, Inc. – Fighting for the Average Joe!

Monetary Compensation Injured Workers Are Entitled to Under Federal and California Law

If you can’t work or lost pay because of an employer-caused job accident or illness (including psychiatric or psychological conditions), your employer is required by law to pay you 2/3 of your normal income, tax-free, as well as your medical treatment, physical rehabilitation costs and equipment, temporary disability benefits, supplemental job displacement benefits, vocational rehabilitation if necessary, and a return-to-work supplement.

Wrongful Job-Related Death Compensation

When a loved one’s death was caused by dangerous job conditions, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for your loss, including lifetime loss of income they would have provided, loss of their companionship, and funeral and burial expenses. Though there is a maximum cap on death benefits for a loved one’s fatal work injury, exceptions may be made when the compensation expires prior to a dependent child reaching adulthood.

Before trying to find a workers’ compensation attorney, many people attempt to go through the process alone to save money or expedite their benefits. The problem is that the system is surrounded in red tape, mounds of paperwork and procedures and strict deadlines—if you miss something, your claim may be denied, and you’ll have to go through a lengthy appeals process only to have your claim denied again.

When You Hire Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, Inc., You’ll Retain A Top-Rated Jurupa Valley Job Injury Firm

While many attorneys claim to have expertise in workers’ compensation law, when they practice other areas of law, their focus and resources may be spread too thin.

Attorney Brian W. Freeman, founder of Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, Inc., is passionate about “Fighting for the average Joe®.” As his client, you are not a mere cog in a wheel because he recognizes you’re a human being who has been traumatized by a job illness or injury. As a responsible person, he knows you are deeply concerned about how this will affect you both medically and economically as well as the long-range implications. If you have a family to support, how you are going to take care of them is a frightening consideration.

When your job injuries are serious, you need the expert assistance of a highly skilled Jurupa Valley, CA workers’ comp law firm. And no one is more qualified to assist you than attorney Brian W. Freeman and his dedicated, compassionate team. Throughout what can be a confusing and stressful process, you’ll receive their respectful support and guidance and be kept consistently informed of your case status every step of the way.

attorney Brian Freeman
A Highly Skilled, CA Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist

Attorney Brian W. Freeman is a California Bar Certified Specialist in Workers’ Compensationwhose entire practice is strictly focused on helping people injured at work receive the medical treatment and full financial compensation and benefits they are entitled to by law. With his Certified Specialist rating, he is required to maintain a higher degree of continuing workers’ compensation training and education compared to lawyers who don’t hold this certification.

With offices in Corona, Riverside and Temecula, Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, Inc. serves Riverside County from the southern region of Temecula, to the northern region of downtown Riverside, to the eastern region of the Palm Springs desert.

Call Today So Time to File A Claim or Appeal Doesn’t Run Out

For answers to your serious questions about protecting your financial and medical rights as an injured employee, call Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, Inc. As a vigilant fighter for the rights of California workers, he is dedicated to “Fighting for the average Joe®.” During the no-obligation meeting, he’ll listen attentively to what happened and discuss a preliminary strategy for handling your case. Even if you’ve already filed a claim or started the paperwork, he can complete the process for you so you’re not left feeling overwhelmed and alone.

When you call Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, Inc. at 844.4 AVG JOE (844.428.4563), we’ll schedule a free appointment for you with attorney Brian W. Freeman so he can help you understand your rights. Or if you’re too injured or ill to visit him at his office, he’ll come to you. Check out our client testimonials.

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