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Amazon Injured Employees & Workers’ Compensation Claim Lawyer

Amazon Injured Employees & Workers’ Compensation Claim Lawyer

For millions of consumers, Amazon is the best thing that ever happened to shopping. With its solid reputation of purchasing ease and fast delivery, it has made its founder, Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man with a net worth of $150 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Amazon purports to have 566,400 employees worldwide with around $178 billion in net revenue, according to a recent report. If you or a family member was injured in a workplace accident at Amazon, you may be entitled to compensation and benefits, but you must act immediately. Contact Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, Inc. today with offices in Corona, Riverside and Temecula. Attorney Brian Freeman is a California Bar Certified Specialist in Workers’ Compensation law and can immediately help you and your family in filing or appealing a claim with Amazon and their insurance providers.

As the fastest growing retailer in the world, Amazon must constantly market to potential employees to keep up with demand, especially in their warehouse and delivery services. Amazon’s effective employee marketing campaigns focus on the opportunity to be part of an exciting, trendy company. With employment often hard to find, job seekers are drawn to the “opportunities” Amazon presents. If you were like many new employees, you may have been excited about working for Amazon, but before long, you realized how stressful and physically strenuous and potentially dangerous working at Amazon can be.

If you’ve been injured on the job at Amazon in Moreno Valley, Eastvale, Fontana or Rialto, you may have discovered just how unconcerned Amazon is about your physical and financial well-being.

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Amazon Warehouse Work is a Known Dangerous Occupation

In their marketing campaign, Amazon doesn’t tell prospective employees that their warehouses were on the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health’s April 2018 “dirty dozen” list of the most dangerous places to work in the United States. According to the report, Amazon places productivity and efficiency ahead of the safety and livelihood of its employees. Because of their incessant push for faster fulfillment of orders and speedy delivery, employee safety is too often disregarded, and a disproportionate number of injuries occur to Amazon employees compared to other companies.

According to a Guardian.com investigation, there have been numerous cases of Amazon employees injured on the job and eventually left unable to work, terminated, bereft of income and, in some cases, made homeless. Too often, the federal and California laws that are designed to protect injured employees are ignored by Amazon’s hierarchy. You may have been one of their fresh recruits who during orientation was told to forget your previous “poor habits,” and when you “hit the wall” from the excessively demanding pace, “climb the wall.”

Unfortunately, if you hit or climb that proverbial Amazon wall and are injured, you may be flat out of luck.

Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, Inc.—“Fighting for the Average Joe®”

Amazon has demonstrated its disregard not only for employees’ safety and health but also for the law. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has cited them for employees’ exposure to workplace hazards such as falls, dangerous noise levels, electrical and amputation hazards, unsafe machinery and the lack of personal protective equipment. Other OSHA violations include ergonomic risk issues, such as stress from repeated bending and exertion, as well as standing during entire 10-hour shifts without breaks four days a week with mandatory overtime shifts.

Before OSHA got involved, during hot weather when temperatures skyrocketed inside warehouses, many employees ended up in emergency rooms. Amazon has also been cited by OSHA because their onsite medical units were providing employee medical care outside their licensing and certification without qualified, board-certified medical professional supervision.

Amazon High-Injury Job Tasks

  • Climbing ladders to retrieve stock
  • “Picking” products for shipment
  • Unpacking items upon facility arrival
  • Goods inspection
  • Order sorting
  • Packing orders
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Product storage placement
  • Goods shipping
  • Forklift driving
  • Pallet jack operation
  • Conveyor belt processing
  • Truck deliveries

To keep a job at Amazon, you may know that employees are often pitted against each other to compete for who can “pick” and fulfill shopper’s orders the fastest. Overworked, stressed employees are often expected to walk 10 or more miles daily to meet assigned quotas during a shift. If they’re not working fast enough, they may be fired, so employees who need their jobs to survive push themselves under an unhealthy and dangerous job site environment.

With such strenuous conditions, injuries and illnesses are inevitable.

Injured Moreno Valley, Eastvale, Rialto & Fontana Amazon Employees Are Entitled to Workers’ Compensation Benefits Under Federal and California Law

If you were an Amazon employee injured in any of their facilities, offices or while delivering packages, you are protected by laws governing employer responsibilities. When you experience a work-related injury, here’s what your employer is required by law to provide and pay:

  • 2/3 of your usual income, tax-free
  • Medical expenses
  • Physical rehabilitation costs and equipment
  • Temporary disability benefits
  • Supplemental job displacement benefits
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • A return-to-work supplement
  • Compensation for any permanent disability.

With hundreds of thousands of employees performing physically demanding work in Amazon warehouses and on the roads delivering goods, Amazon is and has been involved in innumerable claims for workers’ compensation. But the catch has often been proving Amazon’s workplace conditions were responsible for employee injuries. Even if it’s obvious what caused the injury, Amazon often works hard to deny employee workers’ compensation claims.

To further avoid liability, the mega retailer hires many employees through temporary employment recruiters, which makes collecting workers’ compensation benefits especially tricky because Amazon shifts the burden of responsibility onto those agencies. This tactic makes it exceedingly more difficult for employees to receive appropriate medical treatment and monetary compensation.

When faced with an Amazon work injury, it’s vitally important to seek an attorney’s assistance to file a workers’ compensation claim. With the help of attorney Brian W. Freeman, the founder of Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, Inc., you’ll find the process less stressful and more effective. Regardless of what Amazon or their insurance company tells you, an injury or occupational illness arising from your workplace is compensable. And with all Amazon’s financial fortitude, they may go all out hiring investigators, medical professionals, and lawyers to build a case against your claim, an unfair battle you’d be hard pressed to win.

Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, Inc.—Committed to Injured Amazon Workers at Moreno Valley, Eastvale, Fontana & Rialto Warehouses

As a law firm dedicated solely to workers’ compensation law, hands-on attorney Brian W. Freeman is uniquely qualified to vigorously pursue the medical care and financial compensation you lawfully and morally deserve. As your experienced Amazon workers’ compensation advocate, his only concern is how to obtain the best monetary settlement and medical care for injured employees. When you hire him, you can be assured he will consistently communicate with you about the status of your case and respectfully answer your phone calls and emails promptly. And attorney Freeman and his legal team will treat you with compassion and understanding as we guide you through this difficult process.

Attorney Brian W. Freeman genuinely cares about his clients and takes pride in “Fighting for the average Joe®” in Moreno Valley and throughout Riverside County.

Workers’ Compensation Claims Have Strict Statute of Limitation Deadlines

With all that’s at stake when you’ve been injured or made ill by work conditions and you can’t work, the law provides for you, but the deadlines are inflexible, the complex forms confusing, and the mounds of paperwork overwhelming. But not to Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, Inc.

If you miss a deadline or improperly fill out the paperwork, you may never collect any benefits. You can’t afford not to have the best workers’ compensation attorney available in Moreno Valley to help you collect the benefits you legally and morally deserve.

Advanced Knowledge of Workers’ Compensation Law Can Make the Difference Between A Successful Amazon Injury Claim or Denial

Unlike most law firms, Attorney Brian W. Freeman’s entire practice is strictly focused on helping injured employees receive the medical treatment and full financial compensation and benefits they are entitled to by law. As a California Bar Certified Specialist in Workers’ Compensation, he is required to maintain a higher degree of continuing workers’ compensation training and education than most other lawyers who don’t hold this special certification.

With offices in Corona, Riverside and Temecula, Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, Inc., serves Riverside County from the southern region of Temecula, to the northern region of downtown Riverside, to the eastern region of the Palm Springs desert.

No Up-Front Costs Guarantee

Without an income, money is high on your list of worries. Because you’re already worried about finances, maybe you’ve considered handling an injury claim alone. If you try, you’ll be faced with what for many is an overwhelming and confusing process of red tape, complex procedures, and hard deadlines. Do one thing wrong and your claim benefits may be delayed or denied altogether. To take this risk may cost you dearly.

Not to worry.

When Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, Inc., takes your case, you’ll never ever pay us a cent up-front. We’ll cover all the costs and utilize our resources to build a strong case. Only after we acquire your monetary settlement will we be paid a reasonable, pre-determined fee. It’s simple. Zero money comes out of your pocket, and we don’t get paid until you receive your benefits. With all that’s at stake, you can’t afford not to have the best Amazon workers’ compensation attorney to handle the confusing and complex claims process and meet all the mandatory deadlines.

Call Us Today So You Don’t Lose Your Rights

To learn how you can protect your rights and benefits as an injured Amazon employee, contact attorney Brian W. Freeman, who proudly dedicates himself to “Fighting for the average Joe®.” During the no-obligation meeting, he’ll listen attentively to what happened and respectfully discuss a preliminary strategy for handling your case.

When you call Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, Inc., at 844.4 AVG JOE (844.428.4563), we’ll schedule a free, personal appointment with attorney Brian W. Freeman so he can clarify your legal rights and analyze your case. Or if you’re too injured or ill to visit him at his office, he’ll come to you.

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