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Medical Treatment and Medical Costs

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Medical Treatment and Medical Costs

You might be wondering how to get the best medical treatment and care after your work injury. You might also fear the possible cost.  The good news is that you are entitled to medical treatment at no cost in order to cure or relieve the effects of your work injury.

The law allows you to have up to $10,000 worth of medical care and treatment in the first 90 days after the filing of your claim, or until the insurance company denies your claim.

If an insurance company denies your claim, then we can help you find doctors who will treat you on a lien, meaning the doctor will take the risk on your case and not charge you. The doctor hopes that your claim will be proven later at the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board by your attorney, and then the doctor can seek payment from the workers’ compensation insurance carrier.

If you need help finding a good doctor, contact us for a free consultation. We know of many doctors who are injured-worker-friendly in Southern California.

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